hoops africa

A collection of stories celebrating the growth of basketball on the African Continent


Taylor Sharp, Producer

Taylor resides in North Carolina, where he studied the Philosophy and Business of Sport as a Morehead-Cain Scholar at UNC-Chapel Hill and is the Producer of Hoops Africa: Ubuntu Matters. He has a wide variety of experience in the nonprofit, entrepreneurial, and sport industries. His endeavors often focus on how sport both affects and reflects society, and many of his projects originate at the intersection of social impact and sport.  Outside of this film, he currently offers nonprofit consulting, video production, and does part-time project work for the NBA. Taylor’s vision for this film stemmed from the relationships and experiences he has amassed over the years throughout the basketball world.


Dan Hedges, Director of Photography

Dan is a Director of Photography and Producer with experience working on commercials, documentaries and narratives for the last 9 years. He has worked on documentary series' for the Discovery Channel, PBS, Travel Channel, Animal Planet, Oprah Winfrey Network, A&E as well as commercials and content for many other brands and networks. He directed his first feature length documentary, "Street Soccer: New York", and released it on Hulu and Amazon in late 2014.  Dan resides in Northern California.     www.danielhedges.com

Sound Design & Mix - Lane Crouse

Music Supervision - Kevin Kettl, Ade Ariyo MUSIC BLVD GROUP, Alec Lomami IMMACULATE TASTE

Sound Recordist - Axel Drioli

Colorist - Joseph Nilo

Introduction Narration Written By - Brendan Marks

Copy Writers - Julianne Hoell, John Zimmerman

Editor - Traci Gushiken

Graphics & Animation - Scott Kawczynski, Robert Klein

Additional Camera - Jaz Miyagi, Dawid Raath, David Markun, Mark Crandall, Jordan Carroll

Aerial Cinematography - Desmond Kwande, Sunny Huang

Public Relations Strategy - Clay Sutton

Consultant - Mark Fein A REALLY FEIN COMPANY, INC.


This film was made possible by the Vegas Summer League team.